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Atmosfæren hos er meget stille og rolig, og de hjælper dig endda med, at opbygge en god profil med henblik på, at give dig den bedst mulige oplevelse på siden.lader dig indsnævre din søgning, hvilket betyder at du kan indstilling din profil til den type forhold som du søger, hvorefter hjemmesiden vil parre dig samme med andre medlemmer, der leder efter den samme type forhold som dig.

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In response to the monumental demand for Jacksons, and with an eye toward making them affordable to virtually any working professional guitarist, Jackson has introduced a standardized line of guitars.

By limiting the custom options to finishes and having the guitars made to Jackson's stringent specifications at the Charvel plant, we're now able to produce top quality guitars for very competitive prices.

Every guitar from the Professional series were Pros. According to Jackson, the "Pro series" consists of 8 guitars. But they all carry the same expensive features described earlier. I have made my own (photoshopped) 1990 Index to show you how I think it should have been. But when Jackson use the terms inconsistantly, it becomes confusing. In catalogs, Jackson refers to it as a Pro series, because they can't be bothered writing the whole name (like they do on the headstock). Most of the other Professional series models are killer axes too - I am only pointing out, that the Pro's are the closest match for a USA made Jackson from the same period of time and deserves to be recognized as such.

It makes a lot more sense to me this way, especially when you look at what happened the following years, when the series expanded: Notice how the headliner in red is changed - the series should have been called (and spelled out): have the expensive features of the Pro's. For years the only way for some of the world's best guitarists to get their hands on a Jackson guitar was to custom order it from the factory, and many of you still do (see page 50) but now there's another way.

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