Truncate table updating statistics denim diamonds dating

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Truncate table updating statistics

The triggers will fire in the order that the tables are to be processed (first those listed in the command, and then any that were added due to cascading). Be aware that if any additional sequence operations are done on the restarted sequences before the transaction rolls back, the effects of these operations on the sequences will be rolled back, but not their effects on will continue to reflect the last sequence value obtained inside the failed transaction, even though the sequence itself may no longer be consistent with that.This is similar to the usual behavior of also appear in that standard, but have slightly different though related meanings.Further, if your application has any rowid-based triggers, you should disable them before issuing this clause., then Oracle Database only defragments the segment space and compacts the table rows for subsequent release.My Question Is: When should we be Updating the Statistics, and why?

The shrink clause lets you manually shrink space in a table, index-organized table or its overflow segment, index, partition, subpartition, LOB segment, materialized view, or materialized view log.Of the 23 minute Maintenance Plan, Updating the Statistics takes a staggering 13 minutes.During this 13 minute period, access to the database is blocked (or at least, replication from this DB to our others is paused).I'm trying to get us out of the "just because" mind-set of doing unnecessary Maintenance.I would recommend using some thing like…

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