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To make sure this will go smoothly, there are some basic fashion 101's we need to review prior to putting together outfits. Scroll further down if you have completed the two first steps! If you have a stuffed wardrobe but feel like you have nothing to wear or if you just need to find a way to shuffle through potential outfit combinations, start with "Work with What You've Got".These important pointers are: Organize & plan we execute! If you want to refresh your style and try something new, check out "Stretch Your Style Envelope" and drop by the TCF blog!

Most of us tend to avoid stepping outside of our comfort zone and just keep it safe. We all have different clothing personalities - and what may look amazing on you might not look that great on me. I'll give you and your repressed wardrobe a real kick in the behind! Maybe you're just clueless to where to start - and you want to know what goes with what?WEG2G is an emerging social network where you can build your own real community on the web via group meetup.Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – the popular social networks virtually, WEG2G primarily focuses on developing Groups and organizing small group Meetups in the real world with the help of the virtual web in order to establish a bigger community for its user.

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Club Together has been providing its members with free magazines, exclusive deals and great product offers for the last 6 years but the difficult decision has been made to fully cease operation at the end of 2016.