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If you are a bit in the dark of what cuckold dating is all about, then it is simply a dating experience involving couples who are willing to watch their partners have sex with other people.That said, one can easily say that this is indeed no ordinary dating experience.Whether this was because they were profiles people had made and then forgotten about (presumably because they'd found "the one") , or whether they were fake profiles, I wasn't sure.However, once I started being messaged by a woman who bore a startling resemblance to a famous porn star, I started to get suspicious. It was either a.) someone real foolishly using a salacious fake photo or b.) an out and out scammer. After a few weeks on Plenty of Fish, I started habitually google image searching any picture of a woman I was attracted to; and sure enough, many of them came from things like magazine shoots and so on.There are certainly a lot of online dating sites on the internet today and that is because of the different dating communities that demand their services.

A couple of months ago, I was chatted up by a guy in a bar.Indeed, I must say this accorded with my own experience.While there seemed to be a huge amount of profiles on the site, very few of them seemed active.He was very handsome and attractive, but he did have that sort of feeling about that you cannot really put your finger on.Anyway, I really liked him and I put my quirky gut instinct down to the fact that my female imagination was running riot with me. It is so easy to look back with hindsight and say that you just knew that you were doing something wrong.


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