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Ashley's younger sister Casey tells Elizabeth Smart that Ashley was the one she always looked up to. Hours later, neither Ashley's family nor friends had heard from Ashley.

The company that everybody calls Elgin was originally the National Watch Company. It’s almost like the American League and the National League in baseball. At that time there was nobody manufacturing pocket watches like we manufacture automobiles and appliances and various other things today. An individual would sit down and work on pieces of metal until they had built all the pieces for a watch.

By 1910, word of Elgin’s obsession with precision had spread around the world.

Elgin engineers built their own Observatory to maintain scientifically precise times in their watches.

Unlike regular watches, which have bands and are made to be strapped to the wrist, the pocket watch is protected from the elements by the clothing of the wearer.

Pocket watches date back to a time before wrist watches and they were even considered the most common type of timepiece until just after World War I when wrist watches became more popular.

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