Accommodating students with special needs in the classroom

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Accommodating students with special needs in the classroom

Providing for the needs of special education students will certainly be one of your greatest challenges as a professional educator. When working with special needs students, two terms you are sure to encounter are accommodation and modification.

My attempts are useless, since he's right in front of me and since the entire class turned to look at him the moment he threw open the door.

Modification refers to changes to the instructional outcomes; a change or decrease in the course content or outcome.

Learning disabled students are those who demonstrate a significant discrepancy, which is not the result of some other handicap, between academic achievement and intellectual abilities in one or more of the areas of oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression, basic reading skills, reading comprehension, mathematical calculation, mathematics reasoning, or spelling.

One pitfall of trying to be helpful is condescension.

Remember that these students are fully capable learners, and that their special needs don't mean that you shouldn't have high expectations for them.

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One paper clearly stood out from the others: it was clear and artfully written, filled with specific support for a provocative idea. When measuring his academic abilities - the abilities to interpret assignments or negotiate the mechanics of college - Albert was incompetent. I think he had the potential to learn more in my class than he did, but the standard practices of education didnt work for him.

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